MoonShot is your crypto-launch team in Asia. We are an incredibly experienced team of industry professionals who are committed to help you succeed. Our deep understanding of Asia and crypto can help launch you to the Moon.
The year we bought first bought Bitcoin...
...and then sold when it was $100... :(
Clients have worked with MoonShot Asia on their Crypto-launch in Asia.
Years of experience in the financial industry.
Press mentions and books written on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

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MoonShot is your gateway to Asia. Our team of expert researchers, marketers and PR specialists eat, sleep and breath crypto. We work with exchanges, wallets, and crypto projects to help them break into the huge opportunity that is Asia.

Should I do an ICO?

ICOs may be exciting, but are they right for you? Is your business model a fit for an ICO? What are the key challenges that you will face? What are the other options?

If you are considering if you should launch an ICO, we can help. We have worked with hundreds of businesses to help them understand their business & funding options.

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